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Top 10 Fathers Day Gift Tips

Don't let your Fathers Day gift end up in the dirty laundry basket!

Fathers Day is a special occasion for every family and we think giving the gift of love is always the best. But if you do want to buy him that special something, here's some thought around gifts that will make him feel good, be something he will appreciate and could even be something you'll love seeing on him!

Not sure what do buy dad this Fathers Day? Here's our Top 10 Fathers Day Gift Tips.

1. Get something that will make him feel good.

We all know it feels great putting on your new jeans or flexing into that new t shirt. Well, we don't sell clothes, but we do sell quality bling that every man needs. Cufflinks, Bracelets, Rings, leather fashion accessories.. the list goes on. Wearing nice jewellery makes you feel good evert time you wear it. It adds those finishing touches to your outfit. Just imagine your favourite outfit from head to toe without the accessories - pretty dull huh!

Fathers Day Style Guide

2. Get dad something that he can show off.

Jewellery is worn with pride and definitely ranks a level or two above essential clothes. The typical gift for Fathers Day has been socks and underwear.. something that you probably wont be able to see him in and something that he won't want to show off. So why get mens underwear that nobody is proud of when he could sport sleek fashion jewellery that sets off his look? 

3. Is your dad a tech lover?

It's easy for a tech lover to be trendy - look no further than our new beaded bracelets, and the latest Apple Watch bands. Wearable tech accessories sand making your wearable tech items more fashionable is an area we are really growing. See our most popular 42mm Apple Watch Band in thick brown leather.

4. Is he a bit old-school?

Conservative dads appreciate the finer things in life. A nice glass of red wine or scotch, a nice set of wheels and items that are of high quality. The same goes with men's jewellery. Choose jewellery that uses more precious and higher end materials such as Sterling Silver, Gold or Sapphire stones.

5. For the indecisive dad...

It's always nice to gift with material things - that way the item has some sentiment and emotion built into it. It shows real time and thought went into choosing something that you knew he'd like. And lets face it, buying gifts for guys isn't always easy. But if you can't decide what to get him, consider a voucher and let him decide for himself.

6. For the totally unfashionable dad.

We offer free style advice to anyone needing a bit of extra help to choose something for dad. Not sure if an accessory made from leather, steel, sterling silver or carbon fibre is best? Then feel free to contact us so we can advise which of our products online may make the best gift. But a quick tip.. if he's trashed his previous jewellery before, get him something made from stainless steel. It's ultra durable (ideal for tradies), won't tarnish when worn in the surf and generally isn't that expensive to replace if he looses it! If he's a businessman, then you can't go wrong with pretty much anything leather or silver. A set of cufflinks is a no-brainer.

7. Gifts for dads who have it all.

We love a challenge at Minor Detail and some of our happiest customers are the partners, wives and daughters of a man who has everything. Hard to find gifts for men are sourced worldwide and our range is updated daily.

8. If your dad is already Mr Trendy.

If your dad sees himself as a bit of a style icon, then look no further than a beaded bracelet. It's all about layering and contrasting with beaded bracelets. It's also now popular to wear a beaded bracelet with a watch. They are the ultimate bracelet that he can wear at any occasion, with any outfit!

Trendy Fashionable Dad

9. Experiences make memories.

We aren't all just about offering great jewellery we want men to buy. We genuinely want your dad to have an enjoyable and memorable Fathers Day. That's why we think if your dad can have a great experience doing something (wether it be going fishing, visiting a new restaurant or finally driving hot laps in his favourite sports car). There are many websites that sell experiences. Here's one i've personally used before (Red Balloon) so can recommend.

10. Well, we think 9 is enough.. but 'Top 10' sounds better ;-) 

Finding a gift for dad is easy at Minor Detail this Fathers Day - we hope you found our Gift Guide helpful. Remember, September 4th is Fathers Day in Australia.

Wishing all the great dads out there a Happy Fathers Day for 2016!