1 Bracelet, 4 Outfits – Style Your Bracelets with Versatility

The Minor Detail Perspective

Besides quality, versatility is an essential feature of the bracelets we offer at Minor Detail. The designers of the jewellery always ensure these pieces can be matched and worn with various styles and outfits.


The Black Leather Woven Bracelet

This classic black leather bracelet is a great piece if you are looking for something simple and minimalist: the black leather goes great with most shades and because of the woven strands design, it will become a very versatile accessory in your closet. Just like every other piece, the black leather woven bracelet offers you the usual Minor Detail quality with an adjustable inner wire (to make sure one size fits all), stainless steel ends and an elegant Cudworth Gift Pouch. 

The Trick: Simple outfits (such as T-shirts or sweaters with jeans) need that little extra accessory. Our minimalist black leather piece will take your regular outfit to a whole new level, and if you are looking for something even more creative and unique, simply stack this bracelet with a wraparound or multi coloured beaded bracelet.

 Casual Wear

Casual Style Clothing Pieces: simple and patterned T-shirts, basic sweaters, leather jackets, messenger bags

Business Casual
The Trick: If you prefer casual shirts and pants over jeans and T-shirts, this bracelet was made for you and is most likely to become your everyday go-to bracelet. Just like business casual style in general, this bracelet is casually elegant and modern at the same time, and while it gives the wearer a dressy and stylish feeling, it keeps the outfit simple.

Business Casual.

Business Casual Style Clothing Pieces: casual shirts, cashmere sweaters, tote bags, oxford shoes


The Trick: Although your jewellery closet might consist of more dressy pieces, such as silver cuff bracelets and rings, it is essential to have a basic, black bracelet as well to keep your style a bit more versatile. If you match a suit with this woven leather piece, it will become a bit more youthful and stylish (see more inspiration in our Street Style Spring Trends blog).


Elegant Style Clothing Pieces: suits, shirts, ties


Sporty Style
The Trick: You might wonder how a leather bracelet can fit just a suit just as well as a sweat shirt and sneakers, but because of its black colour and versatile leather material, it can be combined and matched with almost any clothing item. If you have a more sporty style, this bracelet will make your whole look a bit more dressy and interesting without changing the vibe of the outfit.

Sporty Style.

Sporty Style Clothing Pieces: sweatshirts, hoodies, ripped jeans, sneakers, slip-on sneakers