Race Day Style Guide

Mens Race Day Style Tips for a Day at The Races

This guide will help you find the perfect fashion accessories to complete your look for a day at The Races. Or maybe you want to enter the Fashion in the field or just win Best Dressed at work. It's all possible with a nice fitting suit lifted by a complementary range of mens jewellery and fashion accessories. Think dapper, suave and stylish. Quality pieces like Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets, a Cudworth Gun Metal Tie Bar, Fashion Rings and and of course a nice suit, shoes and belt.

What should men be wearing during those Racing days where everyone throws on a suit and looks their best? A lot of ladies find it difficult to find the right dress to wear and we know most men have the same dilemma. Her's some men’s fashion accessory tips that will help you create that winning style!

The Race Day Attire

Well-tailored suit

It is always a safe bet to have the right tailored suit when dress up for race day. But of course, how exactly should you wear the suit? There are a lot of men who are still confused on what type of suit they should buy. A well-tailored suit means that it has been pretty much custom made according to your body’s form. There are different types of suits that you could go for from the basic blazer jacket and matching trousers to a three piece. A few types of suits include American, Italian and British suits.

American style suits have been popularised in the 1920s by Ivy League students then. Among its characteristics are its straight lines. If you check the old American style suits, you'll notice a more relaxed fit compared to the modern day version.

British suits, on the other hand, are cut closer to the body. Their design more shoulder defining. If you prefer the pants to be a bit fitted and accentuate your figure a bit more, then this is the option that you should go for.

Bow ties or neck tie?

It's fine to wear either a bow tie or regular neck ties for a day at the races. A bow tie will help you stand out but sporting a bow tie can be a little risky especially if it won’t match well with your suit. The best option is to use the classic silk neck tie with simple stripes or Paisley pattern design instead. For extra points wear a pocket square in matching colours.

The Race Accessories for Men

Lapel Pins

A day at the races is always a fun the time to catch up with some of your friends or break the ice and chat to that gorgeous lady/man you noticed from across the field. If you're looking to stand out then wear a Lapel Pin. You would be surprised how many men don't utilise this simple and impactful accessory. Lapel Pin's are also a cheap accessory any man can wear on any jacked or blazer lapel. Flower Lapel pins are very popular and look very smart on a blazer. These attach to your suit or blazer jacket lapel and come in a wide variety of designs. Most men don't go to the effort to wear a lapel pin, so stand out and get pinning!


What type of cufflinks should Mr Dapper wear at a day at the races? There are different cufflinks that you could choose from. Wear a simple plain steel or sterling silver cufflink to match with pretty much any other accessory, or choose something that will match your other accessories and style more closely.  There are horse shoe designed cufflinks that can be a great thing for those who are looking for a more appropriate design.


Wear a Fashion Ring to ad that extra touch of detail to your outfit. Generally any ring in Steel or Silver will match the buckles on your belt and the clasp on your bracelet. If you are already a married man, it doesn’t hurt to show everyone your wedding ring. For bachelors, wear a ring on your thumb or pinkie finger.

Men’s bracelets

Men’s bracelets can be a good addition to your overall look during racing day. It can be a subtle Sterling Silver Chain or Cuff Bracelet which could match your timepiece on the other hand.

A simple silver bracelet cuff may do the trick. But of course, there are intricate designs out there. Minor Detail has the largest range of Men's Bracelets online in Australia. 


Men used to wear watches in order to tell them what time it is. Of course, times have changed! People now rely on their phone in order to know what time it is and their wrist piece to tell them their heart rate and amount of steps they've taken.  But this is no reason for men to stop wearing a nice watch and I feel this makes classy timepieces a stand out accessory with even more impact when done right. But of course, you wouldn’t pick just any type of watch - wear a watch with a quality Swiss movement in a classic design with a nice leather strap. 


Fresh Ideas How to Use Lapel Pins in Different Occasions

One of the most under-utilised fashion accessories in men’s clothing is a lapel pin. Unlike watches, and rings that you commonly see among individuals, lapel pins are not really used by a lot of people. What makes lapel pins a great option for men who want to stand out?

What it signifies?

Lapel pins typically showcases the group that you represent. Do you have a club, or perhaps an affiliation? Typically, the lapel pin is an emblem of the group’s logo. Given this premise, there are a lot of things that you can do with lapel pins.

Lapel pins are typically used by people who have certain occupations. The police forces are among those that utilised the lapel pins in this manner. Why not start using lapel pins to signify your position at work?

For corporate events

One of the things that companies do is to conduct corporate events in order to recognise the contribution of their employees. Lapel pins can be used for this purpose. These lapel pins can be used as recognition of your employee’s contribution to your business.

Support a cause

There are times when lapel pins are also used to spread awareness. Cancer awareness programs are among the most common organisations that have utilised the lapel pins in this manner. You can place the lapel pin in your neck tie, coat, or even on your shirt if you are dressed down for the day.

Formal events

In formal events, there are times when your affiliation does matter. If you are proud of your affiliation, you can wear a lapel pin which could signify where you came from. It could be a flag, or it could also be an emblem of a group.

Casual use of lapel pins

If you’ll look at the different lapel pins available out there, you’ll realise that most of these lapel pins can also be used for casual purposes. Lapel pins can be used during concerts. Bands do produce lapel pin merchandise for their fans.

Also, in sports, the use of lapel pins is becoming widely popular. Used in caps or even attached on shirts, fans show support to their teams by wearing these accessories.

Used for political support

Lapel Pins can be used in scarves, or even on a bag. They have a variety of uses but most of the time, used for political reasons at times of elections - used to show support to a candidate or party.

There are countless uses to a lapel pin. In fact, you have the freedom the way you feel you want to use the lapel pins. These are just some of the most common occasions wherein a lapel pin could be used. 

Finding the right attire for horse racing day shouldn’t be confusing. With these tips, you can have the right type of look that you need for the occasion.