How to wear Men's Bracelets with a Watch

Follow this one golden rule if you're going to wear bracelets next to your watch.

The left wrist is the normal side for a man to wear their watch. Bracelets are worn on the right side wrist.

Combining bracelets right next to a watch is an easy way to get an awesome on-trend look. But it can look very out of place if you don't wear at least one bracelet on your right wrist - the regular side for wearing men's bracelets.

Just wearing bracelets next to a watch will look out of place without bracelets on your right side. A watch can be worn with no bracelet just fine, and you can also wear a watch on the left wrist and a single or multiple bracelets on your right wrist.

Be comfortable wearing this combination of watch and bracelet on both sides before you add more bracelets to combine with a watch.

Create contrast and understatement when combining bracelets with a watch. This is often achieved using slim beaded bracelets. Thin double or triple wrap leather bracelets with steel or silver clasps are also perfect when worn next to a watch.

Create a layered look by combining several bracelets with contrasting colours and clasps.

Remember your watch is the main focus on the left wrist, so avoid wearing bracelets that are too 'blingy' and attention gripping - wear those on your right side.

Keep them simple, slim and understated and you'll be able to pull off that stylish look that's totally on trend for 2019.

Are you wondering which side to wear a men's bracelet?