Mens Bracelets Style Guide

Everything you need to know before buying your next Bracelet. 

There's a bracelet for for every occasion, for every guy. Do you know which one is for you?

Choosing the perfect bracelet for any occasion can be challenging, but if you find the ones that match your personal style the most, these small accessories can totally change your appearance, and make you feel like a Rockstar! 

Minor Detail's top 15 Mens Bracelets of 2017. Includes bracelets made from leather, sterling silver, steel and CZ.

The Elegant
Heading to a grand opening event, to an evening gallery opening or to a very important meeting? Before you step out of the door, slide on one of our special Sterling Silver Cuff bracelets. With our silver cuff bracelets, you can take your outfit to a whole new level by making it more elegant and unique. If you have a minimalist style and prefer to wear simple accessories, choose a plain designed Cuff or Bangle. If you're feeling more adventurous or like to experiment with your closet, consider something with more texture and flair, like a 'Twist' Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet or a one with 'Wood' Texture.

Your options:
Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet (in Wood Texture)
Cudworth Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet (contrast pattern matches well with other black accessories).
Twist Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
Wear it with…
A classic white shirt and dark jeans with leather shoes or a suit.

The Everyday Casual
Create a personalized and classy outfit from a basic and comfortable T-shirt and jeans combination. Our simple rubber bracelets are the perfect choices for a more relaxed outfit, because they not only adapt to the casual style of your clothing items, but they can also be varied with any colours and materials.

We recommend…

Mens Bracelet in Stainless Cable and Rubber

Mens Rubber Bracelet with Steel

Mens Rubber & Stainless Cable Bracelet

Wear it with…
Jeans, white or gray three-quarter sleeved shirts, loafers and a messenger or bowling bag!
The Business Casual
Spice up your regular shirt and trousers ‘working’ outfit with a double or triple wrap-around leather bracelet! Our leather bracelets were made of thick woven leather with strong magnetic clasps which allow you to choose the size that fits your wrists perfectly (or because of the versatile design, you can also wear it as a necklace!)

We recommend…

Black Leather Bracelet Double Wrap

Green & Brown Leather Bracelet
Black Leather Bracelet Triple Wrap

Wear it with…
White or light blue shirt, a dark grey coat and a black messenger or tote bag!


The Traveller
If you are planning to go on a casual vacation and ready to get lost in a big, unknown city with your camera (just like every tourist does),we recommend a more boho yet still elegant bracelet. You can easily vary these types of bracelets with almost any clothing item and mix them with other bracelets as well to add a more youthful and unique vibe to your look!

We recommend…

Multi Stone Beaded Bracelet (see our range of mens beaded bracelets here).

Cat-Eye Glass Beaded Bracelet

Cat Eye mens beaded bracelet
Mens Bracelet with Pendants in Leather

Wear it with…
A V-neck T-shirt, burgundy or brown pants, a leather back pack… and of course, sun glasses!

The Minor Detail Perspective
Designing and creating elegant and one of a kind jewellery has become our passion and is one reason why Minor Detail was started. We believe that with our masculine and stylish bracelets and other jewellery (such as rings and necklaces and now apple watch straps), we can help our customers find their unique style and enjoy being themselves. By using only high-quality, luxurious materials, we can guarantee our customers will be happy and satisfied with our products.

Do’s And Don’ts of Wearing Men’s Bracelets

Accessories can make a huge impact to how you look. Though underutilized among men, it is a great way to change your overall look. Fashion experts believe that men’s bracelets can come in handy in so many situations. But of course, you have to understand that it is crucial for you to always know your limitations. These are some common do’s and don’ts of wearing mens bracelets!


Minimalist approach

Ever wondered if the rule “less is more” applies to bracelets? People make the mistake of overdoing accessories - unless they are multiple beaded bracelets layered next to each other. Stacks of bracelets usually make a tacky sense of style.

top 9 mens beaded bracelets at Minor Detail Australia.

A lot of fashion experts suggest minimalist approach when it comes to utilizing men’s bracelets. As rule of thumb, a watch on the left hand, and a simple elegant bracelet on the other often times do the trick.

Minimalism works like magic especially if you are after getting people’s attention to your accessories. Using a minimalist fashion approach, you get people to look at your accessories either it’s your watch or your bracelet.

Use bracelets as an accent

Embracing a color theme for your bracelet is a good idea, especially if you are after an accent. If you love wearing dark shirts for instance, why not have a red bracelet? This way, everyone will easily notice your accessory.

Color isn’t the only thing that can be used as an accent for your bracelets. You can also stick to unconventional materials such as leather. Aside from leather, you can also stick with woven bracelets or the trendy hook or anchor bracelets which could definitely standout.

Invest in precious metals

A lot of people settle for cheap bracelets. What they don’t know is that similar to watches; expensive bracelets can also be a long term investment. Gold and silver bracelets can easily be considered classic pieces that could still be worn after a few decades. Also, if you plan on selling these items, you may even get some return from them.

Legit sterling silver with 925 marking makes a great investment (see our range of genuine Sterling Silver men's jewellery). This has a genuine value which can be resold with a great price. Also, silver is a timeless material. It has been proven to be fashionable regardless of the decade.

Explore different designs

Men have long been victims to limited options when it comes to accessories. Most of them settle to man bracelets that are too simple in terms of designs. Why not try leather bracelets for a change? Or maybe, try something that is a bit loud in design? If matched perfectly with the right apparel, it is a good thing waiting to happen.

What are the most common styles that have dominated the market lately? Among the most highly popular styles today is a maritime inspired outfit. 

Maritime styles have now translated into bracelets. You get bracelets that have anchors or hooks among the many nautical emblems (such as Miansai accessories). Why not explore some of these styles? 

Use accessories matching the event

Are you going to wear leather bracelets on a formal occasion? It is imperative that you know when and where to wear certain accessories, especially for bracelets. If you are in doubt, it is a good idea to stick with subtle style bracelets that can easily be paired with a watch. See our popular bracelets worn with mens watches such as our mens beaded bracelets.


Don’t mix low-end with high-end bracelets

Mens bracelets can be found in different markets at varying levels of quality. There are those that are for the high end market made from precious metals such as, Gold, Sterling Silver, containing Sapphire, Crystal, Gemstones...etc while there are those for the low-end ones which can be poorly constructed faux leathers (which is actually not leather at all).

It's also not common practise to mix silver and gold. Best stick with just the one and use contrasts such as different coloured beads in beaded bracelets or black or brown leather in woven leather bracelets. 

Buying the right Bracelets for the right occasion

There are so man men's bracelets available in the market. With different styles and only two wrists, it can be a challenge to pick the right bracelet for you. In addition to this, you also have to consider the occasion when it comes to picking the right bracelets. Picking the right one can be daunting especially if you are looking to use the accessory for a particular occasion, but it can also be fun. Here are some tips that you could use when it comes to accessorising with bracelets.

Everyday use

For a lot of individuals, finding the right men's jewellery for work can be confusing. It's important to find a balance between not overdressing and trying to look like a blingy showoff and setting a fashion trend that is appropriate for what you do and the environment (like for your colleagues and boss). The way you dress establishes a positive or a negative impression especially if you are talking to clients. Similar to having a job interview, you want to make sure that you dress according to what is expected from you.

Business casual means that you should stick having a classy, 'James Bond' style look. This goes true for your accessories as well so if you're looking at your bracelet options, go for something that's quality, understated and not too 'in your face'.

Wearing bracelets that have a loud style may not work best in the workplace. Instead, conservative, plain or finely detailed bracelets with an accent of a gemstone or diamond may be most suitable.

Functionality is also a consideration that you don’t want to forget. Are you always typing? Or perhaps operating equipment? Always ensure that the size of the bracelet will not get in the way of your day to day activities. If you're a trade that gets into some rough outdoor work then anything made from Stainless Steel is definitely best for you. It is super strong, won't rust or tarnish if it gets wet from water or sweat and can look as awesome as much more expensive Sterling Silver. Stainless Steel jewellery is the best value if you're looking for something that looks great and is durable.

Night out

A lot of people dress to impress when going out to clubs during the weekend. How exactly do you impress with your bracelets? Though you can mix your favorite bracelets, you need to still have a theme. Variety can work if it's layering beaded bracelets together or double or triple wrap woven leather bracelets. If you wear a cuff with a leather bracelet and a beaded bracelet then this could look disorganized and tacky.

Formal occasion

Formal occasions can be a lot of fun as you can wear those high end Sterling Silver with gemstone cuff bracelets or layer up black agate or Cubic Zirconia beaded bracelets. Remember to check if your bracelets match your clothes. If you want to wear some bracelets along side a nice watch, then beaded bracelets are perfect.

Bracelets, similar to watches, can make a huge difference. Regardless if you are working or if you are going out to party, find the right accessories for the right occasion.We hope that with these tips, you can have fun finding your perfect bracelet and love wearing itthe selection process for the bracelets.

How To Choose the right Bracelet to match your Personality

Accessories can be a good addition to your current fashion. It can help you stand out if done correctly. But most of the time, men tend to use bracelets the wrong way. It can either be too loud or it can also be outdated. What most people don’t know is that you should select the bracelet that matches your very own personality. So how do you choose the right bracelet that will match your personality? Here's some tips to help you.


Are you the type of person who is very outgoing? If you are the type who loves to make friends, and who goes out on a weekend regularly, then choose something that's a bit more lively, such as a set of beaded bracelets for that layered look which is very much on trend.

Find bracelets that have colour or contrasts. Contrasting gold or silver against black stones such as Cubic Zirconia or Black Agate are ideal.

Quiet person

Are you a quiet or more conservatively styled person? You may be the type who enjoys relaxing with a magazine and a cup of coffee during your free time. Conservative personalities will match conservative fashion style and accessories, so stick with one or two quality bracelets.


For professionals who work a nine to five job inside an office living the corporate world, it's best to always look sharp. Corporate fashion style often means investing in a quality watch with nicely contrasting bracelets in fine materials to help you look sharp.

To maintain a professional look, wear subtle, classy jewellery. For mens bracelet materials, consider Sterling Silver, Gold or gemstone beaded bracelets that can be used as an accent to your overall attire. These types of bracelets can also be mixed and matched with nice watches.


Are you someone who loves sports? A sporty individual can also accessorise and look fantastically on trend. We often see pro's wear bracelets and necklaces (just think Raphael Nadal with his gold necklace when he plays tennis). If you love sports, it is also a good idea to find bracelets that are durable and won't fall off easily. Avoid Cuff bracelets and gemstones here and go for Rubber Bracelet and Stainless Steel options.

Mens Rubber Bracelet by Cudworth Jewellery

If you want to wear a bracelet with a watch but aren't sure how then read our guide on how to wear men's bracelets with any watch.

We hope you enjoy finding a bracelet that matches your overall taste and personality and most importantly, is a piece of jewellery that you'll love to wear.