Aftermarket Apple Watch Bands

Minor Detail's collection of aftermarket Apple Watch Bands will give your watch a personalised look to help your watch match your style.

We love wearable tech and our collection specialises in watch straps to suit the following:

  • Apple Watch Series 1 in 42 mm
  • Apple Watch Series 2 in 42 mm

Our current range includes:

Apple Watch Strap in Brown leather with black clasp and connectors

Apple Watch Strap in Brown Leather with raw steel clasp

Apple Watch Band in Steel Milanese

Apple Watch Strap in Black Milanese Steel loop

Or view our entire aftermarket Apple Watch Bands collection.

Please note we do not yet have a collection to suit 38 mm Apple Watch. Our range focuses on the 42 mm iWatch with a bias towards neutral to masculine designs.

All our bands are bands are premium quality, hand stitched and we believe are superior to the genuine Apple Watch Bands designs that Apple sell.


The most common must have item of tech today is the iPhone - and if you have this, the next thing missing is probably an Apple smart watch. And if you're reading this right now then you mist likely own one.

Owning an Apple Watch can be pretty cool.. you customise the face / dial, play around with monitoring your heart rate and give it a workout when you exercise. The Apple Watch Series 2 is now waterproof, so you can even use it to swim with or at the beach. Functionally, it's superb right out of the box, but stylishly it could be a lot better, especially if you value your fashion sense, then we know you will be looking for apply more customisations than just to the watch face. We are talking Apple Watch bands!

Minor Detail has seen the potential to offer a range of Apple Watch bands which are different to the watch straps available from Apple. Our range of Apple Watch bands is expanding to offer many options to suit your mood and your style needs at most occasions.

Our quality apple watch bands and straps are made specifically to suit only the 42mm Apple Smartwatch. We have taken into consideration the appearance and colour options of the watch cases available so coordination of bands, connectors and cases can be matched or contrasted.

Our range now includes matte black connectors matching with matte black buckles, which are ideally suited to the Apple Watch Sports edition (in matte black of course). We also offer the connectors and buckles on some straps in raw steel, which suit the stainless steel cased Apple Watch.

We know that when you choose a strap, quality is important, so we made sure that our straps use genuine leathers hand stitched using waxed nylons and cottons, stainless steels and quality connector hardware which is 100% compatible with all 42 mm Apple Watches in Series 1 and 2 . 

Here's some detail on our Apple Watch Strap range:

  1. Brown and black leather raw steel buckle clasp strap [] and black steel clasp strap []. These straps are essential if you have to go and do some business or even when you wear semi-formal and laid-back clothes. They are easier to match with almost anything. Also, these kinds of straps are extremely compatible with any type of smart watch. They are very conventional, upright and classy in every inch.


  1. Black Milanese band []. With the slick finish of this strap, you can wear it anywhere. This exterior suits an outgoing type of wearer. This is the type of strap that you can use when you have a two total opposite events that you need to attend to but don't want to bother changing your watch.


  1. Plain steel Milanese band []. This strap is boldly affirming that you are not just wearing a watch but also an accessory. You can wear it with casual clothes and look smart and stylish at the same time.


  1. Carbon fibre leather band []. This strap is on point sporty and edgy. It is the strap you wear when you go camping and be on an appointment the next moment. It is a band that has a personality of its own: manly and sporty. A complete style suited for the active type of wearers.

These are just some of our first collection that we offer; soon we will be including more diverse and custom styles. We always keep on adding items to our collection and you can watch out for them on our new arrivals section. It is fun to mix and match styles for your smart watch!

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