Minor Detail Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, but not sure where to start? Our personalized Valentine’s Day Gift Guide will help you through the maze of gifts to find the most suitable, luxurious and timeless pieces for your husband, father, brother or even yourself!

The Minor Detail Perspective
Let’s face it – Valentine’s Day gifting can be quite tricky, especially for men, but giving someone a timelessly elegant, high quality jewellery piece will never go out of style. Minor Detail Jewellery and Accessories are inspired by the latest trends and the classic, masculine designs and are only made from the highest quality materials to ensure your loved one can keep and wear the gift for years and years.



Rose Label Pin
Especially recommended to all the elegant men, who will surely enjoy wearing this delicate red rose label pin. Besides adding a pop of colour to any outfit, this label pin also creates an effortlessly elegant look and can be worn with any smart casual or dressier outfits.
Style Tip: This Red Rose Label Pin would look amazing with a black or dark blue suit!

Red Rose Label Pin
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Stripe Stainless Steel Cuff Bracelet
A high quality silver cuff is a must-have piece in every man’s wardrobe – because of its versatility, it can be styled multiple ways from casual, everyday outfits to formal looks, and it will instantly add a simple touch of sophistication to anyone’s appearance. Featuring a black ion-pleated inlay, the bracelet also has a unique striped detailing, which is perfect for a simple T-shirt and jeans combination.
Style Tip: Style it with a grey sweater and black jeans!

Striped Stainless Steel Cuff
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Steel and Carbon Fibre Bracelet
This elegant bracelet with real carbon fibre detailing is for all the race and motorsport lovers. While the design is kept simple and basic with a hinged clasp design and smooth edges, the carbon fibre looks amazing with the steel and creates an even more sophisticated effect. Because of its materials, the bracelet is one of our most durable pieces that will quickly become one of your loved one’s favourite jewellery pieces.
Style Tip: Style it with a checked shirt or a blue sweater!

Steel & Carbon Fibre
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Triple Wrap Thick Leather Bracelet
This black triple wrap leather bracelet is from our more casual collection, which is the perfect accessory for busy everydays or long trips. The clever and innovative design of the bracelet can be expanded (if more length is needed), and because of its soft but durable material, it is a very practical and comfortable bracelet.
Style Tip: Wear it with an olive green shirt or T-shirt and simple jeans!

Triple Wrap Around Thick Leather Bracelet
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Titanium Blue Strike Double Ring
If you are looking for a unique and more vibrant, yet still sophisticated design, the Blue Strike Double Ring will be the perfect gift idea! This blue ring with flat titanium band and vivid blue striped detailing is definitely something that can spice up any elegant look while keeping it masculine and elegant.
Style Tip: The bold shade of blue looks amazing with a white shirt or dark green suit!

Blue Titanium Ring
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Rose Gold Horse Shoe Cufflinks
These cufflinks, straight from our new arrivals section are guaranteed to become every horse racer’s favourite accessory. While the special rose gold colour and the horse shoe design definitely stand out from the crowd, it is still a very elegant and simple piece.
Style Tip: Style it with a beige or dark brown suit!

Rose Gold Horse Shoe Cufflink
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