Which Men's Bracelets are in Fashion for 2023?

The 2023 trend for Men's Bracelets in Australia is layering beaded bracelets, leather wrap bracelets and sterling silver cuff bangles. Colours are more adventurous than 2022, but still quite conservative compared to European markets.

The biggest trends in Men's Bracelets for 2023.

1. Layering Multiple Bracelets.

Wearing two or three bracelets together creates a 'layering' effect. Popular bracelets used for layering are thin beaded bracelets, thin leather bracelets. Did you know you can create that layered effect with just one bracelet? See the unique Multi Layered Bracelet by Cudworth Men's Jewellery Australia. If you're looking for less layers then the this Double Wrap Woven Leather Bracelet (black and brown) also by Cudworth are ideal. 

2. Wearing Bracelets with a Watch.

While there's a right way to wear a bracelet with a watch and a wrong way, the principle is simple. Choose a thin bracelet or a few thin bracelets. The key here is not to let the bracelet become the centrepiece and detract attention from your watch. Wear your showpiece bracelets on your right hand and wear the simpler more understated bracelets next to your watch. Learn how to wear bracelets with a watch.

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